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New Lawns


Mr. Lawn will give you a ready-to-enjoy, lush new lawn in just a few days. As new lawn specialists, our services include proper preparation, as well as installation of healthy, thick sod.


We start by building up a layer of clean soil, which is leveled and compacted, ensuring a flat, even surface. Then, we roll out fresh, weed-free, evenly cut sod that has been grown with plenty of seed to provide a high count of grass blades. This is very important to prevent weeds from taking root in the future.


With nutritious new soil, the roots of the new grass are quickly established and able to sustain healthy new growth.


Our expert team will provide care instructions and do a complete clean up, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your beautiful new lawn.


Mr. Lawn provides new lawns for any type or size of project, including:


  • New home construction or renovations
  • New apartment and townhouse complexes
  • Sports fields and parks
  • Commercial and retail centres


Call 604-467-5296 for more information, or request a quote.