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Are you looking for advice on how to utilize your outdoor space? Let us put your plan in action.

Hardscaping is built for aesthetics as well as necessity. Retaining walls and paver patios can serve as prominent features within a landscape. Natural materials such a timber and stone can leave a space feeling natural and organic while manufactured materials such as architectural concrete and segmented walls can provide a more modern aesthetic with clever lines and bold structure.

We help clients increase their property value on a daily basis. We have a customer satisfaction guaranteed policy on every job we do. Whether it’s a simple pathway or extensive wall, contact us today to book a site visit so we can give you our expertise on your new hardscape space.

Mr. Lawn provides hardscaping for any type or size of project, including:

  • Paving stones for walkways/patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Flagstones
  • Dry stack walls
  • Turfstone

Call 604-467-5296 for more information, or request a quote.