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Artificial Lawns and Turf Fields

Eco-friendly turf that looks and feels like real grass!

It may be worth it to check out the benefits of artificial turf. Synthetic grass has changed a lot over the years. It’s now very life-like, and comes in a wide variety of textures and colors to suit anyone’s needs or preferences.

Artificial lawns and artificial turf fields offer a number of benefits and are a great choice for home owners, residential complexes, sports fields, parks, and commercial landscaping.

Benefits include:

  • A beautiful, evergreen surface year round
  • A safe play area with no allergens
  • High durability, even with pets
  • An even surface with no weeds or rodent holes
  • Does not attract insects
  • No need for pesticides or fertilizers
  • A clean surface with no mud or grass staining
  • Never needs mowing or watering
  • minimal maintenance needed, just to keep the surface clean of debris
  • Lasts 15 to 20 years

Mr. Lawn can transform outdoor spaces at houses, strata properties, business fronts, parks, and sport fields, with grass that is lush, green, and manicured looking, every day, year-round.

And to give you an idea of the environmental benefits, a typical home uses 235 litres of water for every 100 square foot (sq. ft.) of property. That means a medium sized yard (500 sq. ft.) uses 1,173 litres every time watering takes place. That means that having artificial grass instead of watering three times a week for 20 weeks of the year, over 15 years will save 10,561,298 litres of water!

In addition to significantly decreasing water consumption, you’ll also never have to use pesticides and herbicides that harm more than just ants and weeds (like bees!), and pollute our water systems. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint with no lawn mower and no electric or gas use.

Artificial grass is an option you need to explore!

Mr. Lawn provides artificial turf for any type or size of project, including:

  • Artificial turf installation
  • Patio/deck turf installation
  • Golf green installation
  • Turf maintenance

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