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    Lawn Power Raking (De-thatching) & Overseeding

    Power Raking or dethatching is one of the most effective ways to benefit your lawn during the spring season. During the winter months fallen grass blades, dead rhizomes, roots and stems create a compact mat which develops under the surface of a lawn. Some thatch is favourable to your turf but if too much accumulates it will block water, nutrients and air from penetrating the soil. If thatch gets more substantial than ½ inch deep, the grass roots grow into the thatch instead of the nutrient rich soil resulting in the lawn potentially not surviving the humid weather in summer months.


    Thatch cannot be recognized by visually examining the top of your lawn making it easier to oversee. Power raking is an aggressive service using a specialized machine that digs down to the soil removing nearly all greenery from the lawn (dead grass/weeds/thatch/moss). Thick layers of thatch are an ideal environment for pests and trap in high humidity for the roots, in turn stimulating moss growth and fungal and bacterial diseases.


    Left with minimal healthy green grass after heavy thatch removal we highly recommend over-seeding, usually with a layer of top dressing to ensure proper soil nutrition for new seedlings to grow into a healthy, lush lawn.


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